Chicane Circuit

Chicane Circuit is located adjacent to the Leonia Resort in Secunderabad, a perfect holiday destination. The Chicane Circuit is an International racing and recreational Go-Kart track, with a 1200 meter track for professional Go-Karting and 600 meter track for recreational Go-Karting.

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Chicane Circuit is a relatively new track and will be associated with big National and International Go-Karting Championship events in the coming days. The tracks at Chicane Circuit are smartly designed and can be altered at any time, giving a new twist to the track. This gives the organizers the opportunity to raise the complexities of the route on demand, to match higher level of championships. In addition the track provides other recreational activities like cricket bowling, drag shooting, tennis courts, cycling, mini golf, multiplex and much more.

Chicane Circuit has the latest recreational Go-Karts that are well-maintained; it has trained marshals overseeing the activities on the track; the jackets and helmets provided for the rides are hygienic.

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Special Features

1.2Km Track length

Recreational Karts with 4 Stroke Engines

Rotax max racing karts for recreation track

Track certified by FMSCI

Training Programs by Meco Karting Academy

14 hours working track. Morning to midnight

Types of Karts

Our Rate Card

  • Baby Kart - 5 Laps
  • ₹350
  • Level 1-7 bhp - 7 Laps
  • ₹460
  • Twin Kart 7 laps
  • ₹650
  • Micro Max Kart
  • ₹450
  • Level 2
    16 bhp
  • ₹620
  • Level 3
  • ₹1,300
  • 1 Hour Exclusive Recreational Karting
  • ₹16,365
  • 2 Hour Exclusive Recreational Karting
  • ₹32,000
  • Half Day Exclusive Recreational
  • ₹60,000
  • Full Day Exclusive- Rec.Karting - Weekdays
  • ₹1,12,520
  • 1 Hour Exclusive Recreational Karting ( Weekend )
  • ₹20,000
  • 2 Hour Exclusive Recreational Karting ( Weekend )
  • ₹40,000

Team Testing

  • Per driver per session / 10 mts
  • ₹300
  • Recreational karting Non Exclusive
  • ₹5,500

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